Crow  0.3
A C++ microframework for the web
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 Carguments< 0 >
 CCallHelper< F, S< Args... > >
 Ccompute_parameter_tag_from_args_list< Arg, Args... >
 Cconcat< seq< I1... >, seq< I2... > >
 Cconst_strA constant string implementation
 Ccontains< Tp >
 Ccontains< Tp, Head, Rest... >
 Cgen_seq< 0 >
 Cgen_seq< 1 >
 Cpop_back_helper< seq< N... >, Tuple >
 Csingle_tag_to_type< 1 >
 Csingle_tag_to_type< 2 >
 Csingle_tag_to_type< 3 >
 Csingle_tag_to_type< 4 >
 Csingle_tag_to_type< 5 >
 Cdumb_timer_queueFast timer queue for fixed tick value
 Cget_index_of_element_from_tuple_by_type_impl< T, N, T, Args... >
 Cget_index_of_element_from_tuple_by_type_impl< T, N, U, Args... >
 CrvalueJSON read value
 CwvalueJSON write value
 NmultipartEncapsulates anything related to processing and organizing multipart/xyz messages
 CheaderThe first part in a section, contains metadata about the part
 CmessageThe parsed multipart request/response
 CpartOne part of the multipart message
 Ctemplate_tA mustache template object
 Cfunction_traits< R(ClassType::*)(Args...) const >
 Cfunction_traits< R(ClassType::*)(Args...)>
 Cfunction_traits< std::function< R(Args...)> >
 CconnectionA base class for websocket connection
 CConnectionA websocket connection
 CBaseRuleA base class for all rules
 Cci_hashHashing function for ci_map (unordered_multimap)
 Cci_key_eqEquals function for ci_map (unordered_multimap)
 CConnectionAn HTTP connection
 CCrowThe main server application
 CDynamicRuleA rule that can change its parameters during runtime
 CHTTPParserA wrapper for nodejs/http-parser
 Cquery_stringA class to represent any data coming after the ? in the request URL into key-value pairs
 CrequestAn HTTP request
 CresponseHTTP response
 Cstatic_file_infoThis constains metadata (coming from the stat command) related to any static files associated with this response
 CreturnableAn abstract class that allows any other class to be returned by a handler
 CRouterHandles matching requests to existing rules and upgrade requests
 CSocketAdaptorA wrapper for the asio::ip::tcp::socket and asio::ssl::stream
 CTaggedRuleDefault rule created when CROW_ROUTE is called
 CTrieA search tree
 CWebSocketRuleA rule dealing with websockets