Crow  0.3
A C++ microframework for the web
crow::Blueprint Class Reference

#include <routing.h>

Public Member Functions

 Blueprint (const std::string &prefix)
 Blueprint (const std::string &prefix, const std::string &static_dir)
 Blueprint (const std::string &prefix, const std::string &static_dir, const std::string &templates_dir)
 Blueprint (Blueprint &&value)
Blueprintoperator= (const Blueprint &value)=delete
Blueprintoperator= (Blueprint &&value) noexcept
bool operator== (const Blueprint &value)
bool operator!= (const Blueprint &value)
std::string prefix () const
std::string static_dir () const
DynamicRulenew_rule_dynamic (std::string &&rule)
template<uint64_t N>
black_magic::arguments< N >::type::template rebind< TaggedRule > & new_rule_tagged (std::string &&rule)
void register_blueprint (Blueprint &blueprint)
CatchallRulecatchall_rule ()


class Router

Detailed Description

A blueprint can be considered a smaller section of a Crow app, specifically where the router is conecerned.

You can use blueprints to assign a common prefix to rules' prefix, set custom static and template folders, and set a custom catchall route. You can also assign nest blueprints for maximum Compartmentalization.

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