Crow  0.3
A C++ microframework for the web
crow::request Struct Reference

An HTTP request. More...

#include <http_request.h>

Public Member Functions

 request ()
 Construct an empty request. (sets the method to GET)
 request (HTTPMethod method, std::string raw_url, std::string url, query_string url_params, ci_map headers, std::string body)
 Construct a request with all values assigned.
void add_header (std::string key, std::string value)
const std::string & get_header_value (const std::string &key) const
template<typename CompletionHandler >
void post (CompletionHandler handler)
 Send the request with a completion handler and return immediately.
template<typename CompletionHandler >
void dispatch (CompletionHandler handler)
 Send the request with a completion handler.

Public Attributes

HTTPMethod method
std::string raw_url
 The full URL containing the ? and URL parameters.
std::string url
 The endpoint without any parameters.
query_string url_params
 The parameters associated with the request. (everything after the ?)
ci_map headers
std::string body
std::string remote_ip_address
 The IP address from which the request was sent.
void * middleware_context {}
boost::asio::io_service * io_service {}

Detailed Description

An HTTP request.

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