Crow  1.1
A C++ microframework for the web
crow::BaseRule Class Referenceabstract

A base class for all rules. More...

#include <routing.h>

Inheritance diagram for crow::BaseRule:
crow::DynamicRule crow::TaggedRule< Args > crow::WebSocketRule< App >

Public Member Functions

 BaseRule (std::string rule)
virtual void validate ()=0
void set_added ()
bool is_added ()
std::unique_ptr< BaseRuleupgrade ()
virtual void handle (request &, response &, const routing_params &)=0
virtual void handle_upgrade (const request &, response &res, SocketAdaptor &&)
virtual void handle_upgrade (const request &, response &res, SSLAdaptor &&)
uint32_t get_methods ()
template<typename F >
void foreach_method (F f)
const std::string & rule ()

Public Attributes

std::string custom_templates_base

Protected Attributes

uint32_t methods_ {1 << static_cast<int>(HTTPMethod::Get)}
std::string rule_
std::string name_
bool added_ {false}
std::unique_ptr< BaseRulerule_to_upgrade_
detail::middleware_indices mw_indices_


class Router
class Blueprint
template<typename T >
struct RuleParameterTraits

Detailed Description

A base class for all rules.

Used to provide a common interface for code dealing with different types of rules.
A Rule provides a URL, allowed HTTP methods, and handlers.

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