Crow  1.1
A C++ microframework for the web
crow::Trie Class Reference

A search tree. More...

#include <routing.h>


struct  Node

Public Member Functions

bool is_empty ()
 Check whether or not the trie is empty.
void optimize ()
void debug_print ()
void validate ()
routing_handle_result find (const std::string &req_url, const Node &node, unsigned pos=0, routing_params *params=nullptr, std::vector< uint16_t > *blueprints=nullptr) const
routing_handle_result find (const std::string &req_url) const
void add (const std::string &url, uint16_t rule_index, unsigned bp_prefix_length=0, uint16_t blueprint_index=INVALID_BP_ID)

Detailed Description

A search tree.

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