Crow  1.1
A C++ microframework for the web
crow::CookieParser::Cookie Struct Reference

Public Types

enum class  SameSitePolicy { Strict , Lax , None }

Public Member Functions

template<typename U >
 Cookie (const std::string &key, U &&value)
 Cookie (const std::string &key)
std::string dump () const
const std::string & name ()
template<typename U >
Cookievalue (U &&value)
Cookieexpires (const std::tm &time)
Cookiemax_age (long long seconds)
Cookiedomain (const std::string &name)
Cookiepath (const std::string &path)
Cookiesecure ()
Cookiehttponly ()
Cookiesame_site (SameSitePolicy ssp)
 Cookie (const Cookie &c)

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