Crow  1.1
A C++ microframework for the web
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NcrowThe main namespace of the library. In this namespace is defined the most important classes and functions of the library
 Cmiddleware_call_criteria_dynamic< false >
 Cmiddleware_call_criteria_dynamic< true >
 Cmiddleware_indicesTypesafe wrapper for storing lists of middleware as their indices in the App
 Ctask_timerA class for scheduling functions to be called after a specific amount of ticks. A tick is equal to 1 second
 CrvalueJSON read value
 CwvalueJSON write value
 NmultipartEncapsulates anything related to processing and organizing multipart/xyz messages
 CheaderThe first part in a section, contains metadata about the part
 CpartOne part of the multipart message
 CmessageThe parsed multipart request/response
 NmustacheIn this namespace is defined most of the functions and classes related to template rendering
 Cinvalid_template_exceptionRepresents compilation error of an template. Throwed specially at mustache compile time
 Crendered_templateReturned object after call the template_t::render() method. Its intended to be returned during a rule declaration
 CActionUsed during mustache template compilation to represent parsing actions
 Ctemplate_tCompiled mustache template object
 CExpirationTrackerExpiration tracker keeps track of soonest-to-expire keys
 CCachedSessionCachedSessions are shared across requests
 NwebsocketNamespace that includes the Connection class and connection struct. Useful for WebSockets connection
 CconnectionA base class for websocket connection
 CConnectionA websocket connection
 CCrowThe main server application class
 Cci_hashHashing function for ci_map (unordered_multimap)
 Cci_key_eqEquals function for ci_map (unordered_multimap)
 CConnectionAn HTTP connection
 CrequestAn HTTP request
 CresponseHTTP response
 Cstatic_file_infoThis constains metadata (coming from the stat command) related to any static files associated with this response
 CILocalMiddlewareLocal middleware should extend ILocalMiddleware
 CCORSRulesUsed for tuning CORS policies
 CCORSHandlerCORSHandler is a global middleware for setting CORS headers
 CInMemoryStoreInMemoryStore stores all entries in memory
 CHTTPParserA wrapper for nodejs/http-parser
 Cquery_stringA class to represent any data coming after the ? in the request URL into key-value pairs
 CreturnableAn abstract class that allows any other class to be returned by a handler
 CBaseRuleA base class for all rules
 CWebSocketRuleA rule dealing with websockets
 CRuleParameterTraitsAllows the user to assign parameters using functions
 CDynamicRuleA rule that can change its parameters during runtime
 CTaggedRuleDefault rule created when CROW_ROUTE is called
 CTrieA search tree
 CBlueprintA blueprint can be considered a smaller section of a Crow app, specifically where the router is conecerned
 CRouterHandles matching requests to existing rules and upgrade requests
 CSocketAdaptorA wrapper for the asio::ip::tcp::socket and asio::ssl::stream
 Nsha1Here is defined the SHA1 class
 CSHA1A tiny SHA1 algorithm implementation used internally in the Crow server (specifically in crow/websocket.h)